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BB Creams the Latest Hot Trend in Cosmetics

Garnier BB Creams
Update: As a part of their new makup collection Guerlain Terra Ora the brand launched a new BB cream version for summer 2013 – Lingerie De Peau BB Cream. Designed to feel imperceptible on the skin with innovative Bio-Fusion micro-mesh technology, this new BB Cream covers five core facets: hydration, protection, radiance, correction and even complexion.

Well known and highly successful on the Asian cosmetic market for decades BB creams have recently gained wide popularity on the Western markets too as trendy facial cosmetic products that offer an all-in-one solution. Every BB cream combines the properties of serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock and instead of carrying several separate products BB cream provides all these qualities in one. The abbreviation BB cream actually comes from Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beauty Balm in Western markets and BB creams are promoted as multi-taskers or all-in-one treatments that are mainly used as alternative to foundation and both cover and treat blemishes such as acne, sun spots and age spots, plus often have anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and skin-regenerating properties.
BB creams can be worn alone as a tinted moisturiser or over serum and moisturiser as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage you are looking for.

Originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by the dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek for patients who had gone through laser skin surgery, more than 20 years later BB creams were introduced firstly to Korea and Japan where healthy-looking, pale porcelain skin was heavily endorsed by celebrities. BB creams stepped in the Western & European markets in 2012 and became the hottest trend in the cosmetics and some brands even tailored part of their BB cream manufacture especially for these new markets. Lab Series manufacturer went even further by creating BB cream series designed for men’s skin.
Some of the most popular BB creams on the market are produced by Clinique, Garnier, Dior, Maybelline, Dr. Jart, Este’e Lauder, Omorovicz, Revlon and Smashbox. Este’e Lauder’s Smashbox and The Body Shop BB creams are certified as cruelty-free which means no animal testing has been used in any phase of the development of these products.

Some of the most popular BB creams on the market are:

You can always try some of these relatively new on the market BB creams to see if this is the right solution for your skin and you may discover that BB creams perfectly cover your requirements and come as an excellent all- in-one skin care solution that deservedly became a hot trend in the skin care products. If you wonder which one would be the best for your skin as they vary in different shades too you can always consult in the beauty & cosmetic shops and try some of the testers available there to check how it applies and looks on your skin.

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