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Benefits Of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive oil Since ancient times, olive oil has been one of the most popular products with many different usages – for healthy diet, skin and hair care, sun protection and as a main substance for lots of cosmetic products. Olive oil and its use has long history since the times when the Romans used it for the benefit of olive oils as a medicine product. In the Mediterranean countries olive oil is one of the widespread cooking products that is used for preparing almost all sort of dishes.

It’s a fact that because of the daily use of olive oil the people from this countries suffer less from heart diseases than people of other countries in Europe. Olive oil has a positive effect on the cholesterol level in our blood helping the bad cholesterol levels go down without affecting the good cholesterol. It also stimulates bone growth and the absorption of calcium, helps preventing skin aging, cancer and diabetes so that it’s essential if you include olive oil in your daily menu and if possible to replace vegetable oil you use when cooking with olive oil. Olive oil is as well a great remedy for Arthritis. The high percentage of unsaturated fat and vitamins A and E helps in preventing/recovering sun damage, body burns and skin problems and inflammations.

Olive oil health and beauty products and tips The most popular olive oils on the market (in increasing order of quality) are:
Olive Pomace Oil – acidity max 0.5º, Olive Oil – acidity max 1.5º,
Virgin Olive Oil – acidity max 2º, Extra Virgin Olive Oil – acidity max 0.8º and Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.

Olive oil can be also used in pure form as a home cosmetic product for brittle nails (with few drops of lemon juice), for dry and chapped lips, to soften your hands, for damaged, dry or fine hair as hair mask ( just add one egg to 1/2 teacup of warm olive oil/, the mask should be kept for 30min on your hair covered with a plastic cap. If you also have dry face or body skin you can use olive oil as a body lotion, same refers to dry feet. Olive oil is actually a product with universal usage of course if you don’t like the smell you can always buy cosmetic products based on olive oil. There are plenty of different brands of olive oil cosmetic products on the market to choose from – face or body olive oil soaps, Body lotions, Olive Oil Hair shampoos and Conditioners, hair masks and sun lotions, etc. Whatever you try, you definitely will benefit from the well known healing effect of olive oil elixir.

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