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Denim Therapy Cures Your Jeans

Created in 2006 with the goal to offer an innovative jeans repair solution and solve denim problems Denim Therapy repairs all denim with expertise and experience. Introduced firstly to New York City the Denim Therapy buzz traveled quickly to Los Angeles and Miami and today denim enthusiasts are sending their favorite jeans from all international destinations as Denim Therapy has truly become a denim doctor to jeans of all brands and origins.

Denim Therapy - Torn Jeans No More. Repair Now.

Their innovative repair is a genuine reconstruction of the original denim material, it is not a patch, is much better, it is a new cotton thread and stitch applied to the broken denim area, which provides the opportunity to have your favorite jeans reconstructed, rather than poorly patched. Denim Therapy uses “MatchPerfect TM” it is a thread selection process that will produce the thread closest to your jeans unique identity. Variables like indigo saturation, weight, and wear are analyzed so that Denim Therapy selects a thread and delivers a rebuild that very closely matches your jeans original denim construction. Selection of the finest materials makes it possible as the goal of every repair is excellence in appearance and function.

Services offered by Denim Therapy:
Fixing of any holes and torn or broken denim regardless of damage severity;
Zippers and buttons replacing;
Variety of hemming techniques;
Re-tailoring your favorite jeans by inserting expandable side in-seams to make them suitable for your pregnancy;
Special tailoring to make your jeans look like they were made just for you and of course denim cut-off shorts service because no summer holiday will be the same without a pair of denim shorts.
And the best part is that Denim Therapy can be done on any denim item not just to jeans.
If you have a pair of jeans that needs special therapy check out what Denim Therapy can do about, you can find how it works here.

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