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Handbag Trends Fall-Winter 2010

Knowing how important the bags are for every women designers always pay special attention to this essential accessory in their new collections. We do have different perception of a practical bag, that one that would match our taste and in the same time will meet our needs.
Women many times are subject of men’s jocks because of the things they put in their bags, some women carry all their make-up arsenal or hair design products, some tend to collect receipts and documents without cleaning them until they change the bags, some put even tights, but well what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it the main purpose of having a bag? Bags make us feel safe that everything we need is in hand at one place. So we always choose that kind of bag that will have all the hidden places we need.

This Fall-Winter season designers offer variety of bags in different shapes and materials.
These are the top trends in the handbags for Autumn – Winter 2010 season:
Satchel bags – both practical and stylish these long-strapped messenger bags vary in colours and materials;
Bucket Bags – Very popular this season, spacious and easy to carry because of their long shoulder straps;
Aviator Bags – the perfect match for your aviator jacket or coat in the range from oversized satchels, totes to across-body bags these shearling sheepskin are boosted in many designer collections;
Multi-Pocket Bags – with many exterior pockets combining practical and fashionable style.
Animal Print Bags – whether is leopard, zebra or giraffe print it is fashionable. Military Prints are equally popular especially the camouflage, tan and olive prints.
Soft Embellished Bags – luxurious bags of faux-fur, tapestry or canvas decorated with feathers, jewels, brocade, chains, pleats and straps.

Boohoo Jasmine faux fur lined muff Shaggy fur Bags – one of the most popular trends this fall-winter manifesting itself in fur-trimmed purses which are sure to make a big statement.
Lambskin, sheepskin, Shearling bags are also on the crest of the fashion trends in the Nomad and Military style .

Knitted Bags – in different shapes and materials from crochet to cashmere these colourful and cosy bags a perfect accent for your outfit.

Drawstring bags – for feminine look whether with long chain straps or string of pearl chains they are elegant addition to every apparel.

Designers offer so many styles, shapes and material combinations this Fall-Winter season and if we add the variety in the key colours that really makes plenty of choice.

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