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Health Benefits of Eating Apples

Health Benefits of Eating Apples With it’s variety of more than 8000 apples are so popular. We’ve used to see them in so many different colours and sizes and we often don’t realize how healthy eating apples actually is and in how many aspects our body can benefit from them. Excellent source of fibre and flavonoids apples help to prevent high cholesterol and lose weight.
With high levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants apples reduce risk of cancer by preventing DNA damage.

Other nutrients that apples have are vitamin K, vitamin B6, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium and it has been proven in many researches that eating one apple a day can help our body to fight many diseases such diabetis, heart diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases. Women in menopause should daily consume apples too as they have the ability to help increasing bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Many studies have also examined the healthy effect that apples have on the skin. Skin damages may be repelled with consumption of apples and other fruits. Eating apples is also good for your teeth as it cleans them and gives your gums a good massage so if you have gum disease it’s good to nibble apples.
Including apples in our daily diet is essential and it’s a healthy way to keep in a good shape and help our body in fighting with many diseases. We can benefit by the nutritional value of apples in so many ways just by having one apple per day.

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