Posted June 10, 2009 by Deyana Deco in Style

How you dress is how you feel

Have you ever thought that the way you dress shows the mood you are in? Picking out a bright dress when going out or choosing the ‘old’ comfortable jeans is not just a question of rule “I’m getting this because I’m going there or the occasion needs that …”. You not every day feel that you would like going out in an “orange” shirt or in something eye-catching.

Sometimes you want to melt into the people walking on the street, to be unnoticeable or just to feel comfortable without thinking of the way you look. Somebody might just say that there are people that always care of what they wear and it is not the mood that makes them dress like that and there are people that never care about the clothes or other people that just don’t have taste. Well … all of them have their different moods and they don’t dress one and the same way every day. Some days are greyish, some days are brighter some days are illuminating and we somehow put these nuances of our moods on our clothes, sometimes even our moods make them looking different.

Deyana Deco