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Keep Safe in the Sun

Just as our eyes need UV protection, our skin also requires care in the hot Summer days when the long exposure in the sun can damage it. Our skin is the first thing that people notice – good tan stands for a good health, but body’s health can suffer negative effects when it’s exposed too long to the sun’s rays, especially if it’s unprotected that’s why a proper skin care is very important.

How can you stay safe in the sun?
Avoid the sun from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM when sun rays are strongest, even if the sky is cloudy it’s not safe, harmful rays pass through clouds.
Wear sunscreen every day even if you’re going outside for a short time. Products with sunscreens have an “SPF” number on the label. The SPF indicates the degree of protection from UV rays and in effect tells you how long you can stay in the sun without burning if you apply the sunscreen. A higher number means it protects longer. Choose products with an SPF number of 15 or more. Sunscreens should be applied on all of the exposed areas 15-30 minutes before going out and reapplied regularly to ensure proper skin protection and safety.

Always use some type of exfoliation product before applying sunscreens products, this will help to remove old skin cells which couldn’t absorb the sunscreens as well as the healthy cells. A good way to go bronze is with sunless self-tanners. They contain an ingredient (DHA) that oxidizes on the outermost layers of your skin, giving you the look of a tan.
Lips skin is very sensitive, so that always use lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss to protect your lips from sun or wind. Enjoy the sun but make sure you’ve protected well your skin. Sunburn not just make our skin bad-looking but it’s painful and dangerous.

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