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10 Lady’s Gift Ideas you can Never go Wrong with

Red roses as Lady's gift ideas
It’s a well known fact men and women have different shopping style and concepts for original gift ideas and almost every man at least once has experienced difficulties in finding the perfect Lady’s gift ideas for his beloved one. The thing is that not always what seems to men the greatest way to surprise their girl will actually trill her, not to say that the disappointing effect from some gifts could ruin all good initial intentions. With Valentine’s day coming in a couple of weeks The gift question is again live, playing simple just with a Red rose is a well-worn cliche. If creativity is not your strength to help you produce something unique, or you don’t have any idea of what she likes and what would be a nice surprise for her, then it’s always better to go rationally and choose a gift you cannot go wrong with.
We have few suggestions for you that would make your choice easier, although traditional they are safe because they have proved in time and there is no woman in the world that won’t appreciate receiving such a gift, plus if you are not on 100% sure that the idea you have will hit the result you look for, then better go safe.

Diamonds are the best girl’s friends, unfortunately the real ones being quite expensive are usually not best friends to men’s wallet, so choosing such a gift says you’re a really generous person. One thing is for sure women don’t like mean guys. Gold and silver are the two materials symbolizing luxury, so a piece of gold or silver jewelry would make a nice present too and with so many designer’s jewelry shops the choice isn’t so hard. Every woman likes having a piece of elegant jewelry, you just have to look at what she wears to picture what she likes, don’t go for the cheap imitations that will be a huge mistake soon or later she’ll find out.

Romantic dinner
A spoiling evening spent in a fancy restaurant with gourmet cuisine would be a great surprise for her. With the variety of fashionable places that serve sophisticated fine food and drink to choose one isn’t so hard, make sure you’ve made reservation in advance as such places don’t lack customers and you wouldn’t want to spend the evening waiting for a free table.

Romantic trip
There is nothing more refreshing for a relationship than changing place for few days, escaping from the routine and going somewhere for few days. It doesn’t have to be some place expensive, well known fact is that small towns and villages have that special romantic atmosphere that truly re-charges your batteries, best way to go on a real romantic trip is to choose a place avoiding crowded tourist attractions, or if you cannot plan well in advance just go somewhere on a short trip with your own car and make something you normally don’t have time to, you’ll see that it will be remembered and treasured in your memories.

Fragrances and Cosmetics
Perfume is like a signature for every woman so if you go for this kind of gift make sure you have checked what’s her choice at the moment and the brand she likes. She might not like what the shop assistant has recommended you but if you know her favorite brands this will make your choice easier. With cosmetics and make-up things are more complicated and definitely you’ll get lost here especially if we are talking for make-up. You like her lips and eyes in these colours but you don’t have a clue where they came from, so go safe and better choose some set, preferably some that includes her favourite perfume.

A well known fact is that women like designer bags so that’s another idea for a gift. Leather and suede have been always fashionable so just check the right shape/size of bag and color she likes. If she’s a working lady you can always get a classy leather business bag, why not a travel bag with your promise it will be used very soon for your next holiday trip. 🙂
Designer’s wallets, belts, gloves also make great presents and can be nice addition to your other gift ideas.

Buying lingerie can be a dangerous territory for not experienced so it may not be among the best Lady’s gift ideas but it is worth trying. Guessing the right size can be really tricky and a risky adventure. Sneaking in her lingerie drawer for the right measures and shapes won’t look great if you get caught so if you opt for that size sourcing method better be careful. And if you are looking there anyway check also what colours she prefers – choosing the right color really matters, if you don’t make the right choice she’ll know that’s the color you would like to see her in.

Designer clothes
It’s as difficult as buying lingerie but it is also worth trying. Nowadays fashion designers create so many original and stylish pieces so almost every woman has her favorite fashion brand, guessing which one is for your girl isn’t so hard, fashion labels have been invented long time ago so every piece has the signature of its creator. One more piece of her loved brand will make her happy and she will know you notice what she wears.

Luxury Chocolates & Flowers of course
These two are simply going together and complement each other perfectly well. A box of delicious sweets is something no woman can resist, the same with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Although red roses are the well known cliché, symbolizing the eternal love, centuries after women’s heart still melt for a red rose. Chocolate hearts and red roses are still the most preferred gifts for Valentine’s day and one of the most popular Lady’s gift ideas, just don’t forget the love notes that will personalize your gift.

Albums,books and pictures
Believe it or not these are still one of the most preferred gifts by women – album or photo frame with your pictures is still considered a very romantic gift and I could not disagree. Giving someone a present like that means you treasure the moments spent with him and you want keep them in your memory. Especially if you have been crafty to create something by your own that it will be definitely the best, even if you have used friend’s help, trying to make your own personal present always shows attention and love.
Books have always been classic gifts, I am sure you know some of the subjects which your better half is interested in, so book with a love message would always works.

Tech gadgets
Living in the century of FB and Twitter we can’t pass all new fancy mobiles, smart phones, iPads and Pods and other tech gadgets that recently have become like fashion accessories and things to show how socialized we are. Well … women looks like are the more active part in all these networks, chatting, chit-chatting and just time killing are women’s territory anyway so if your girl is after these things she will surely jump on your neck if you get her one of the latest version of these fancy things.

There are many other original Lady’s gift ideas that wait to be discovered, you just have to use your imagination and put a piece of love in every gift to make it perfect.

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