Posted June 24, 2006 by Deyana Deco in Style

Lady’s time spending during the World cup

Although there are many examples of couples – a famous football player and a super model I’ve always wondered what does connect football with fashion in general? Both professions are very popular, well paid and latterly many footballers take the place of models in different ads well I can take it in when it comes to advertising sportswear for instance but chips, soft drinks etc … well-known faces really sell but sometimes make us wondering does everything have to be so commercial? Or it’s just a fashion trend in advertising?

Now when the Football World Cup is running men’s part of the world is stuck to the TV screens what are we ladies supposed to do? If you don’t like watching football and you can’t find a valid reason to keep your half away from the TV, then what? What about spending your time better, instead of getting angry at you ‘unavailable’ man? There are so many things you can do just for you – to go shopping, to visit your hair-dresser or just to spend a evening out with your friends, a little women’s gossip has a very relaxing effect, Fashion chat as well. Men have their pastime – Football – women too – Fashion, both need us making some compromises but they deserve it.

Deyana Deco