Posted May 19, 2013 by Deyana Deco in Style

Create Your Own Look vs “Get the Look of … “

Create Your Own Look
Recently so many fashion articles start with “Get the Look of …” and that usually features a well known celebrity that we should imitate in order to look beautiful, or hot, or sexy. We all have favorite celebrities but does it mean we like them because they wear something trendy, or something that they are paid to promote? Do we like them because they dress in a certain way or just because they have define talents that we admire? Do we really want to get the look of celebrities?
Fashion brands often opt for celebrities to feature their creations, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so, but the mainspring is always one and the same and it says “Get the Look of …” 🙂 Does it really work? Can we all afford that look? And more important do we want that look? In the end of all we all were born different so why should want someone’s look instead of creating our own that will present our personality and show who we really are!
Some celebrity styles can give us fresh ideas, I don’t dispute that but nobody likes copycats, they are not funny and certainly not creative, so make your own style and be yourself! That’s the best way to get noticed because of who you really are! You can’t dress like a rock star simply because you are not one! You love Rihanna or Katy Perry or other star, yea I love them too but I won’t be performing on the stage anytime soon and even if I dress the same I won’t be them. They have created their own fashion style which is unique, they have stood out because they are different and that combined with their talent makes them celebrities!
Sometimes it’s a big too much to see one and the same celebrity ad face in several completely different advertisements, once drinking beverages or brushing teeth with a new brand toothpaste, next wearing designers beachwear or walking on the Red carpet in a designer dress “garnished” with a piece of really expensive jewellery. Fashion brands know best if celebrity faces sell better and if it is worth the multi million contracts. Consumers requirements and taste change and evolve and a big part of this market doesn’t want to “Get the Look of Someone” anymore just because it has outgrown it.

Deyana Deco