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Sunglasses – vital accessory

Some tips on choosing and buying Sunglasses

For many people, sunglasses are a vital accessory because they protect you from ultra violet radiation, which can cause damages to your eyes. It’s not a very pleasant feeling when the sun glares our eyes – blinding light can be very dangerous. When buying sunglasses you have to look for standardized ones which have seal from standards authority that guarantees they really blocks adequate amounts of UV radiation. Look for sunglasses that deliver optimal protection and durability.

Price doesn’t necessarily guarantee better quality. Do not get tricked by companies that put a sticker on saying the lenses block UV rays. Opt for a name brand that offers a quality guarantee and protection from ultraviolet (UV) A and especially UV-B rays that can seriously damage eyes at long-term exposure and can cause cataracts. Do not follow the common myth that says the darker the lens, the better the protection. Actually, too dark tint can hamper vision. Another things you should look for enhanced comfort choosing sunglasses are the adjustable nose pads and sturdy frames.

There are some different types of sunglass lenses:

Mirror and Polarized lenses – built to reflect the glare from water, snow and roads they are appropriate for boaters, cyclists and skiers, helpful for driving and outdoor sports. Polarized coatings block normal rays and horizontal rays that hit the eye from reflected surface.

Photochromic lenses, which lighten when you are inside and darken when you are outside, and change outside as light conditions change, which is very useful when weather conditions change a lot. To test the lenses – if they are not photochromic, then you should put them on in front of a mirror. Should you be able to easily see your eyes through the lenses then they are unlikely to be dark enough.

Individuals who wear sunglasses when participating in active sports should select polycarbonate (shatterproof) lenses.

The color of the sunglass lens should be also carefully chosen with the type of activity in mind. Selecting the color of a sunglass lens is more than just a fashion decision.

Probably for most people the best lens colour is grey – simply because you can see clearest due to these lenses not modifying colours. Neutral colored lenses – gray or gray-green are the most versatile and also provide the most comfort. Brown and colored lenses are great for day driving, allowing for the best color definition. Yellow and amber lenses work well in low-light conditions and for activity where the perception of depth is important.

There are many different fashionable lens colours – light blue, pink actually most of the colours you can think of are available on the sunglasses market but don’t expect them to work well for driving, sport or when you need a precise vision because they can distort color.

So the things you should think about when buying Sunglasses are that they are not just modish whim but a vital accessory that protect our eyesight. That’s why when purchasing sunglasses, don’t forget the children! It’s never too early to start protecting young eyes from harmful UV rays.

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