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Swimsuit Trends 2006

Tankini tops Swimwear designs this summer range from a variety of styles, cuts and colors for every body type and personal style. The bikini is still the most popular ‘beach-outfit’ but also swimsuits are getting more and more en vogue. Tankini tops are also growing in popularity this summer because they can hide some areas that make women self-critical.

Ladies are usually more exacting when choosing a swimsuit. Many women try on several swimsuits before they find one they like. Sometimes it isn’t so pleasant experience. A good tip when suit shopping is to add a little color (Self-tan) to your skin before you go. You’ll feel more comfortable trying swimsuits on, and will be able to look past the pale skin and focus on the actual suit. Comfort is key, Which ever suit you do decide to go with this season, make sure you feel comfortable in it.

The colors of summer swim this year are bright and lively: yellow, pink, bright fuchsia, turquoise, apple green but also more classic such as black, brown, dark blue and the forever friendly black and white combination. Many prints are inspired by nature and show leaves or butterflies, nautical stripes, paisley and geometrics.

Halterneck Ring Bikini

Ladies who want to maximize their bust can pick a suit with ruffle, bead or ring detail on the top or a brightly colored top. To slenderize your hips and thighs, try mix and match suits by picking a darker solid for the bottom and a stripe or paisley printed top. This will draw the eye upward and put the focus on your top.

For a subtle, more conservative option one-piece suits with strategically placed cutouts are the perfect choice. A one-piece is especially good for those with longer torsos or larger busts.

Cover-ups of all types are also the ‘must have’ trendy items this season. There are so many places you don’t want to walk into with your swimming suit, cover-ups just give you more comfort and they are a great addition to your bathing suit.

The other summer essentials are shades and flip-flops. Ladies sunglasses this summer are still square, round and oversized. New trends include white-rimmed glasses, side details such as big logos and crystal designs and shields — an updated aviator style. Just like anything else, sunglasses need to be tried on and to fit the shape of your face.

A pair of Flip-flops, is something we really need all summer, they will match every outfit we put together.
Once you’ve got your swimsuit, sunglasses and flip-flops and are ‘equiped’ with a good sunscreen you’re completely ready to spend a day on the beach.

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