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Swimwear Fashion Trends 2012

Fantasie-le-paz-amazon-bikini Like every summer swimwear trends in 2012 are full of varieties. If you are still in doubt for your appearance on the beach and haven’t chosen the right fashionable swimsuit in this article you will find the most popular fashion trends for this summer. On many fantastic beaches summer lasts not just few months and your dreamed holiday might be still ahead so a pair of flip-flops and new swimsuit is just what you need to foretaste it.

This summer all kind of prints are very actual no matter if you choose swimsuit, bikini or tankini if they are in the fashionable floral, animal or geometrical prints then you are wearing the right pattern. Tropical prints in exotic flamboyant colours featuring palm leaves, exotic orchids, tropical fruits, ferns are on the top of the fashion swimwear trend. They can vary in tonal colour ranges: nuances of green- yellow-green or blue-green, pink and purples, juicy citrus fruit colours like lime, tangerine, kiwi, black and white and all monochrome tones as well as in clashing colours.

Panache-mae-tankini-black-top Retro style is again in fashion in the swimwear – full-coverage tops, high-wasted bottoms or one-piece suits combined with a sun-hat will make you irresistible on the beach. Fashion designers prefer the classic black and white for their retro swimsuits but red, orange and turquoise are also very popular, classic retro combination is beige and chocolate brown and variations of white and contrasting colours.

Swimwear decorated with Ruffles is another top trend this summer but you have to be careful because ruffles create additional body volume which sometimes is not needed on some places. If you need to add volume to your
bust you can chose a bikini top decorated with ruffles but stay away from ruffles if your hip area doesn’t require additional width.

One-shoulder/one strap swimsuits became very popular this season and designers are very creative replacing straps with beads, clasps, shells, sequins, crochet details, crystals, embroidery and other decorative elements which they also include in another summer swimwear trend – Monotone bikinis to relieve the monotony of the monochrome palette. White dominates as a colour but ecru, aqua, pale lemon and delicate pastel nuances add extra luxury to such swimsuits.

Freya-rumjungle-cameo-tankini-top Sporty scuba looks and high-tech fabrics resistant to salt and chlorine fade-less are favourites for people that like beach sports and activities.

Incredibly popular and very sexy looking this summer are Cut-out bathing suits featuring different cut out shapes that create diagonal, symmetric or asymmetric cuts, multi-strap looking cuts exposing to the sun as much as possible, these styles are highly preferable from ladies with perfect figures. If fulfilled in tribal prints they are on the crest of the fashion trends.

Wonderful swimwear design that looks amazing on women with small bust is Bandeau bikini. Bandeau tops cannot support fuller bust so you must consider this before choosing this model.

With swimwear choice always keep in mind your body shape and proportions, underlining the areas you like about your body and hide the problematic ones. The right choice of style, colors and material will give you that gorgeous sexy look on the beach.

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