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Tips on How to Maintain Silver Jewellery

Silver Pendant People in some countries believe that in a leap-year such 2012 it is better to wear silver jewellery as it is considered to bring you luck.
Silver is one of the most preferable materials when shopping for jewellery and its main advantage is that it can be standardized like gold and titanium so when buying silver jewellery you can verify the purity of the metal and the percentage of the alloy it consists. The most common silver jewellery is made from standard silver so called Sterling silver which is 92.5 percent (.925) silver and 7.5 percent copper and is known as Silver 925.
In the US silver jewellery is frequently stamped 900 and it is a jewellery made from an alloy consisting of at least 90.0% silver.
950 Silver is relatively rare because it is a nonstandard alloy it is silver of 95 percent purity, softer than sterling silver and it usually tarnishes more easily. Many people like silver jewellery, but don’t know how to maintain it.

Silver has one of the brightest shines among all metals however it tarnishes very fast so to have your silver jewellery shine you have to be able to keep it clean and polished. Silver jewellery tarnishes most commonly because of the products that it comes in contact with. Hand soaps, hair styling products, perfumes or other cosmetics can cause a significant impact on your silver jewellery so sometimes it is better you either remove your jewellery before using these products or you choose to regularly polish it.

Silver jewellery can be cleaned using aluminum foil, baking soda, and hot water. However, this practice is not recommended by most jewellers as baking soda is abrasive and can scratch your jewellery. Always use a low-abrasive cleaners, avoid using toothpaste or bleach to clean your jewellery pieces. How many times you will apply jewellery cleaner depends on whether your jewellery piece is seriously tarnished or not. If it is seriously tarnished it may require multiple cleaning applications to get the shine back.

There are many jewellery Silver cleaners, Dip Cleaners, Polishing Cloths for Silver etc on the market to help you have your silver jewellery clean if it needs serious cleaning. If your silver jewellery has gemstones or pearls make sure the cleaner won’t damage it so always read directions for use firstly. Silver jewellery can be also cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning device which is effective but it is better to be done by a professional jeweller.
Easy Going Silver Pendant To make silver sparkly as possible you can add some silver polish product. Some polishing kits are sold with a jewellery sponge and this can be a great way for you to get polishing done. You simply need to apply the cleaning agent to your silver, rub it with the sponge or a soft cloth then rinse it clean. If you just want to remove dirt, grease, and fingerprints from your silver jewellery use mild liquid soap, warm water and soft cotton cloth.
Natural air and light make silver tarnishable so make sure it is stored away from them and always store your silver pieces in special bags or clothes that contain an anti-tarnish treatment.
When cleaning silver jewellery better avoid any home-made solutions that can cause more damage to your piece than the tarnish itself.
Always use products that have been manufactured especially for silver. Silver consistently remains one of the most valuable metals on the market so if you store and maintain your silver jewellery right you will have it looking top notch for years ahead and it can still be valuable.

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