Posted July 27, 2006 by Deyana Deco in Shopping

Women love bags

Can’t imagine myself going outside without a bag – impossible. Where will I put all the trumpery I usually carry? Sometimes I even wonder why I take with me so many things, most of them I never use but they somehow make me feel safe that if I need them they’ll be at hand … Women nature … So I really love this summer bag trends – oversized bags with many pockets on them, just great!!! – all these nooks can be filled in with different things, doesn’t matter if I can’t find them later (when I need them), but I know they are somewhere in my bag.

Texture and Prints on Bags – how can we choose from this variety of patterns and decorations?
Bags from bamboo, Raffia, sailor rope, embroidered and decorated with gold or silver studs and stones, crystal beads and leather rouleau bows. This is also the summer of the metallic bags in silver gunmetal, gold, copper or bronze tones.
Yea, Designers have really made all their best this summer to ‘spoil’ the ladies but we love it.

Deyana Deco